With over 40 years in the construction business Mercurio Construction has taken on just about every type of construction project imaginable. Our dedication to doing every project right and ensuring our customers are happy in unsurpassed.

Please take a minute to read some of our customer reviews:

To potential clients of Mercurio Construction:

Please accept this letter as our highest recommendation of Mark Mercurio for your residential construction needs.

We have known Mark for over 25 years.  In fact my husband worked for him when he owned and operated Mercurio homes.   When we decided to add a screened porch to our home, which was going to be no easy feat given it was to be built on a hill 12 feet above the ground, there is only one person we considered. Having worked with Mark as well as knowing him on a personal basis, we had complete confidence in his knowledge, experience, integrity, work ethic, and ability to get the job done in a reasonable time frame, and on budget.  We met with Mark in November and described what we were looking for.  Mark brought in an architect and we had plans to review a week later. After making a few revisions we had final plans soon after that. Based on the drawings Mark put together a cost estimate, and reviewed it with us in detail.   He also told us that he believed the job would be complete by March 1, in time for us to enjoy Spring on the porch.  I had always heard from friends undergoing construction that you should double both the cost and the time estimates in order to get a fairly accurate indication of what you can really expect. Not with Mark.  He did not go a penny over his cost estimate, and sure enough we were having dinner on the porch March 1st.

Mark did an excellent job of managing both the subcontractors, and us.  First, the subcontractors:  I can’t say enough good things about them. Because Mark has been in the business so long, and because of his strong reputation in home building, he knows who is reliable and does quality work, and that’s who he hires. I completely trusted all of the workers in my home. Every worker was polite and considerate – I never had to worry about their language or what they were doing around my children.  The work area was always kept clean – the workers cleaned up after themselves each day and set their materials off to the side. The quality of work performed was excellent.  I believe this is a due to the fact that Mark has certain expectations and the workers know it. In addition, Mark was onsite pretty much every day.  As I mentioned, Mark also did a very good job of managing Tom and I.  When it came time for us to make selections, Mark scheduled a time to meet with me, and in fact even drove and accompanied me for the stone selection.  Because of Mark’s tenure in the home building business, his ability to either confirm a selection or point me in a different direction, was invaluable – he knew what would look good and what would not.  Also, Mark communicated with me extensively throughout the project. At all times I knew who would be working at the house, and what to expect next.

Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled with our screened porch. We truly could not have asked for anything better.  The quality of work on our screened porch is far superior to the original construction of our home.   The porch looks and feels as if it has always been there, and in fact, should have been there when the house was originally built.

We strongly encourage you to consider Mark for your residential construction needs.  He will be upfront and honest.  What he presents to you is what you will get.  You will be pleased with the process, and you will love the end result.

We are so pleased with what Mark has done for us that we have given him the open door to show the porch to anyone who might want to see the quality of his work first hand. We are also willing to speak with anyone who may have questions.


Tracie and Tom H.



Diane and I want to thank you for the great job on our new addition!

As you know, we had been planning this for some time. Starting with our architect’s recommendation for you to do the work, we have been very pleased with the entire process. We believe that the quality of the workmanship is excellent, and we truly enjoy the new space.

In particular, we appreciate the effort you made to have the subcontractors ‘get it right.’ When the new French doors were not installed properly, you continued to have the manufacturer come to house on several occasions until the installation was up to your high standard. Additionally, while we were out of town, you made certain that the ceiling down lights were changed out for a clean installation look.

Again, Mark, thanks a lot! Sincerely,

Steve and Diane D.



I am pleased to recommend Mark Mercurio of Mercurio Construction, LLC for new construction and renovation work.  I have recently made use of Mark’s services for a home addition consisting of a first floor room with a handicapped-accessible full bath, along with a screened-in porch.

I am quite satisfied with his work, which involved design and construction, respecting the architectural integrity and style of a historic house.  Mark was present on the site every day and saw to it that every detail of construction was satisfactorily executed by his workers.  The project was completed on time and within the quoted budget.  He was responsive to my questions and to any changes proposed as the project progressed.

Mark brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the building trades, years of experience in construction, and a confident and easy manner in dealing with me as the client and with his workers.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Mark and his company, Mercurio Construction, LLC.

David R.



Over the many years of living in Glendale our home has called, it seems too frequently, for service, upgrades and, most recently, a long overdue comprehensive face lift. Those many repairs and projects at times proved costly and bothersome, but our most recent experience left us satisfied on all fronts.

Mark Mercurio, an award winning and respected home builder in Southwest Ohio for decades, has adapted to the changed housing market and is now serving upscale remodeling needs throughout Cincinnati. Mark and his skilled network of craftsmen are dependable, timely and quality focused.  He is actively involved in all aspects of the project and responds quickly with information about your project. Above all Mark’s service is transparently and fairly priced leaving you with a realistic chance of recouping your investment in the foreseeable future.  Mark has my endorsement. Include Mark in your planning and insure a peaceful process and a reasonable investment.

-Dr. Tom M.


Golden Ave


I had dinner last evening with my tenants of the property on Golden Ave.

They reminded of how pleased they are that the roof leak problem that was experienced over the past few winters is no longer an issue.

I want to thank you again for your personal concern over the problem and your diligence in finding and executing the solution. This winter is a true test and you passed with flying colors.

As you know, I had contracted with another company to address the problem previously and it was not money well spent. You provided a great value to me and I appreciate it. If you even need a recommendation, feel free to give my contact information out.


Mike F.


Indian Hill

When I needed a Contractor to complete a myriad of construction jobs at my Indian Hill home, I turned to Mark Mercurio Construction.  I was not disappointed!

Mark’s invaluable experience, his attention to detail, and the completion of the jobs performed both professionally and economically, simply confirmed my decision to call Mercurio Construction. I highly recommend Mercurio Construction.

Linda M.


Hidden Hills Dr

Dear Mark,

When we decided to undertake a full basement remodeling project, we could not have been happier to find you as our general contractror.

The subcontractors you brought into the project were true craftsmen, fair and more than competent, with total attention to detail. Everyone – carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, carpet layers – were courteous and fun to work with. They treated our home and our project as if it were their own.

Thank you for making the entire experience enjoyable! You handled every detail from beginning to end. We couldn’t have done it without you, and will definitely recommend you to anyone considering a home project.

Best Regards,

Fred & Anastasia M.